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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  August 23, 2015 8:53pm-9:01pm EDT

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books if you want to hang out and chat. [inaudible conversations] >> you're going to create public sector. it's unlikely that it will be denied. to the teacher obviously are concerned about. i have -- there's no question that it's a bad thing. i think that when it's going to demand -- you know, michigan,
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aft has signed a most of their members to become the union members. i think that it's going to demand a more grass-roots union. you're simply not going to have the bureaucratic structure. i don't necessarily think that. bureaucratic union has gotten a lot of done as far as negotiating contracts. i think what it's going to demand is real workplace grass-roots organizing and participation because that's what's left. some thing that is have happened in the state level.
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the union leadership lacks any kind of -- they don't respond. you never have collective bargaining rights there. so there's no contract, but what you do have a local communication workers of mierk is -- america is a grass-roots union. yes, you do have payroll deduction, people have to sign up for themselves in the union. it becomes about lobbying the state, lobbying politicians, workplace rights issues and things like that, protests. i'm not saying that's not necessarily a good thing. it's very scarry.
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but if it's inevitable unions have to make that adjustment. it's an adjustment that you can make with the hope that in the future -- remember on labor law we are one stream -- supreme court justice of making this better. we are only one justice away. so it is going to change in the future whether -- it certainly can change for the better. in the meantime, i think the public sector you just have to be proactive. how can we start to move on in the present so that we can take advantage of it going forward and make things as good as they can be?
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again, a wonderful question. >> so thank you all for coming. [applause] >> like i said, the friends have the book for sale in the back. [inaudible conversations] >> and, yeah, thank you. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> start the signing. >> start the signing. [inaudible conversations] >> all right. [laughs] [inaudible conversations] >> every weekend book tv offering programming focused on nonfiction authors and books. keep watching for more on
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c-span2. watch any past programs on sunday september 6th book tv is live with former senior lady on in depth. her most recent book is an account of the life of the fourth president. other titles blue skies, no fences where she recalls her childhood in wyoming in world war ii. her other books range from profiles of leaders from house of representatives to the failure condense history of u.s. children. lynn cheney on in depth. you can send us comments to
8:59 pm >> it's time for a new kind of conservatism. promotes equal opportunity. ..
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what kind of brought you to that conclusion? >> people talk about them being angry all the time. you hear it constantly. and if you look at the television if you watch what is happening with the candidates especially people like donald trump they sounded really angry. they actually do sound like that if you don't know any conservatives. most of them within the communities they don't have that many conservatives and their family. just know what they see on tv. and they see them yelling and screaming and saying terrible things about immigrants and poor people and they say i guess they hate people. when i became a conservative which was in


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